Featured in Kayla Itsines’ Blog + 5 Reasons She Has 20 Million Followers

There’s only one fit-chick on the internet who has amassed over 20 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Since making her absolute mission to help as many women as possible as a personal trainer at age 18, she’s had unprecedented success as an online fitness trainer & social media influencer, promoting her Bikini Body Guide programs (BBG) and new & improved SWEAT app.

And having trained more than 25 million people globally, she was nicknamed the “Internet’s Workout Queen” this year when Forbes recognized her as the internet’s top fitness influencer.

Which is why I had to dunk my face in cold water and jeté into an elated happy dance when I saw myself featured in her SWEAT blog, alongside fitness instagram celebrities such as HBFIT founder Hannah Bronfman and Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso, as one of 10 Beautiful & Inspirational Instagrams to Follow.


To call it an honor would be a wee understatement for a girl who had nothing but a dream of being a fitness pro just over one short year ago. See my booty workout featured here.

In light of this we’ve begged the question: what’s made this mega babe so powerfully influential?

1. She cares more about the mission than the money.

Sure, her app may have raked in more cash than Nike+, UnderArmor and MyFitnessPal when it brought in more revenue than any fitness app online, but Kayla has her eyes on a bigger prize than the millions she’s making in green.

She revealed she was more interested in the mission than making bank when she told Bloomberg that she didn’t really think of it as a business.

2. She knows the value of leveraging strengths.

We can’t be experts in everything.

Highly successful individuals are keen to using others’ strengths to fill the areas where their natural skills lack.

This year, Kayla advanced her mission even further when she joined Instagram fitness gurus Sjana Ellis Earp and Kelsey Wells as trainers on the Sweat app, to fill the void in her programs for the yoga and post-pregnancy training sessions thousands of women had been waiting for.

Elise posted this shot of the trio on Instagram when she revealed she had to pinch herself every time she thought of coming together with Itsines & Wells to share their passions.
3. She dreams at the outer limits of achievement.

To be extraordinary you’ve got to stretch beyond your limits of achievement and be willing and eager to shatter your comfort zone to do what’s never been attempted.

Kayla came together with her army to break 5 world records in one day.

This feat received loads of press and in turn drew more eyes to her as a leader in the world of fitness. Photography: Jeremy Simons.
4. She’s ridiculously relatable.

In a world of sculpted bodies void of imperfection and meticulously curated instagram accounts flooding our feeds, seeing a rare glance at one of our girl-crush’s “imperfections” can be an exhilarating event.

Itsines gave us all a little comfort and pride in being raw when she dawned her stretch marks on Instagram with a caption lovingly referring to them as her “tiger stripes.”

She even gushed over the new marks she’d earn having babies in the future.
5. Her mission is aligned with her values

To achieve extraordinary results, we have to mobilize our skills & talents where our highest values lie and intentionally craft a life based upon fully expressing them.

Kayla accredits her passions for helping others + being active for her purpose in doing what she does. And hey, it seems like its working out for her; we’ll all be here taking notes while she takes over the world.

Photography: Jeremy Simons