I’m (Finally) Switching To a Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty Routine


Want a horror story fix real quick?  Just grab a couple of your most beloved beauty products, scan each barcode on the THINK DIRTY app to get the break-down on their ingredients and have a pillow ready to mask the shriek of terror when you see these side-effects.

Among them: liver, kidney or thyroid problems, triggered allergy or asthma attacks, migraines, hormonal disruptions, birth defects, infertility, and uh…cancer, dude. These ingredients found in many of our beauty products are nothing to mess with.

It may seem like the tiny amounts of these chemicals we struggle to pronounce (and know nothing about) may be harmless, but our skin can absorb a great deal of what’s put on it, entering first into our bloodstream and then into our body. If you think it’s not effecting you, think again.

Through the initiative I made on my 27th birthday to become a more conscious consumer, I’ve put every thing I spend my money on under the scope. But brands out there don’t make it easy for those of us looking to buy products that are purely good for our skin and body. It isn’t unusual to see a popular beauty brand add a buzz word like “natural” to their label, when in reality there may only be a few natural ingredients, and a whole lot of harmful chemicals.

Lucky for us THINK DIRTY has made it easier to help us tell the difference between what’s real, and what’s not. And one of the best parts? You get a wave of relief after each harsh blow of seeing achingly harmful ingredients turn up in your products the moment you move on over to the “Our Picks” tab. I’ve never seen so many beautiful, high-quality non-toxic beauty products in one place! Elated might be the word I’m looking for, but it’ll still take some time to heal the wounds in my heart left by a few of my last favorite beauty products. (I’m still thinking about that “natural” shampoo that was causing death to my ovaries!)



In light of this new discovery, my initiative to become a more conscious consumer, and given that I only want to shop brands that don’t test on animals, I’ve decided to quit shopping at Sephora for now (even though they do sell some non-toxic/cruelty-free products) and look for places to shop with higher standards overall for what is allowed in the products, as well as the ethics and sourcing of those brands they offer. No more guess work. You want clean, honest beauty that’s doing good for you, the animals and the planet? You got it.

It isn’t unusual to see a popular beauty brand add a buzz word like “natural” to their label, when in reality there may only be a few natural ingredients, and a whole lot of harmful chemicals.

Credo was one of the first beauty stores I heard of with a vision I could jive with. All the brands carried at Credo must pass a screening process providing they use only safe ingredients (nothing harmful or toxic), are cruelty-free and committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable production.

“Credo is Clean Beauty which means the products we carry are either natural (formulated using plants), or made with a combination of safe/non-toxic synthetic ingredients combined with plants.”

Although not all the brands offered are technically vegan, brands offered here are screened meticulously to be sure any animal by-products (usually something like beeswax, or honey) are extracted in a way that the animals are not harmed, but often helped, in a way! This means that much of the beeswax or honey found in products here have come from a bee sanctuary that is helping the population thrive; and I feel okay with this. Since hives usually have an excess of both honey and wax, it is possible for beekeepers to obtain these healing ingredients in a cruelty-free, ethical manner as long as it’s harvested at a low rate, so that there are no real negative effects on the colony.  If you prefer to buy brands that do not use animal byproducts of any nature, just be sure to check the label or ask an educated Credo representative for a hand, specifying clearly you’d like only vegan recommendations.

Whenever looking to switch beauty brands, it is truly ideal to shop in-person at a location where you can work with a knowledgeable rep and try on the products to be sure you like them. There’s no need to compromise on quality; stopping in to compare several different brands and shades on your skin will help you quickly & efficiently find something you cannot live without. Plus I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the thought of buying a new foundation, trying it on to realize its 2 shades too dark or that it has the coverage of a tinted moisturizer and then having to turn around, ship it right back, and re-order.

I hit Credo in Soho, Manhattan and tried on everything from foundation to brows, lipstick and contours. I jotted down all my favorite brands and shades, and decided to hold on to my list to refer back to. This way, as I started to run out of my current beauty products, I now knew which clean brands I could swap them out for. Not everyone is all that eager to spend upwards of $1k completely revamping their beauty cabinet in a day, (myself included) so you might be one of those people whom prefer the James Bond method, taking it slow and easing into it.

I took you through my unboxing of my very first Credo purchase, the Kjaer Weis foundation, on my Instagram story and raved about my experience shopping, and the (surprisingly) high quality of all the products I found. Fun fact I failed to mention there; this one actually came to me as a gift from my mama around my birthday when she heard about my initiative to do better for my skin. Thanks for helping me get my clean revamp started mama! ❤

If you can’t get to a natural beauty store though, don’t worry. Fortunately, non-toxic brands these days are aware of our heavy dependencies on the “ol’ trusty” brands we’ve been in love with for years, and our hesitations to make the switch in fear of losing quality. They’re pretty good about sending out samples to try before purchasing. Just shoot them an email or check their site to see if samples are already being offered. Another thing to enjoy about Credo is that they give you 3 free samples with every purchase!



Even with today’s advancing technology I was doubtful at first of how high-quality a beauty product could be without all the harmful preservatives and chemical binding agents I thought were necessary in our products (but are actually just cheaper).

The first thoughts that popped into my mind when considering going all-natural & non-toxic were questions like “But how durable will the makeup be? How will it wear? Can I find something medium to full coverage? Will it be buildable? How will the pigment be?”


Of course I’ve always liked the idea of having natural makeup, but I just wasn’t willing to compromise on quality. I have a gut feeling I’m not the only one who has had the subconscious impression that “all-natural” has just been a code word for flimsy as these years.

For those of you that don’t know, (and most of you probably don’t) I was an expert makeup artist for 2 years pre-modeling days. I can judge the quality of cosmetics, and let me tell you, natural brands have come a long way.

59978287-6e94-4043-bf2a-ce75354cd2d7Kjaer Weis Organic Foundation

As soon as you set your eyes on this beauty you have a funny inclination you’re dealing with high quality; but get this, the packaging isn’t only pretty – it’s also sustainable. Founder and Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis has made it possible to keep the original oh-so-sexy packaging, and simply re-order refill tins as you run out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s even cheaper when you refill either!


But if you think the outside is beautiful, hold on to your kombucha, baby. The goodness inside will have you swooning.

Each ingredient in every Kjaer Weis product has been carefully considered for its ability to work with the skin, not against it, has been inspected by hand and remains free of parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances. This foundation is certified organic, formulated with powerfully beneficial ingredients like jojoba seed oil, sweet almond seed oil and coconut oil too! It is cruelty-free, however is not technically vegan as it does contain beeswax.

I’m wearing the shade Illusion. This foundation is definitely more full coverage, yet so natural in feeling and appearance. I could only compare this to the Giorgio Armani foundation as far as look, but I’d say the texture is unbeatable. It feels soothing, and so natural! Overall, this is even better than air brush. img_2657

Granted, if you’re someone who has inflammation of the skin (such as acne) and feel like you need a full coverage concealer, you may feel like you want to go with something as thick as you can possibly get but trust me, this is the best stuff you can put on your skin.

Just like the phrase we are what we eat, and every bite we take is either fighting disease or fueling it, so is the same of our skin. Everything we put on it is either helping it heal it or harm it.


Want to see all the products I jotted down when I hit Credo? Shop all my top picks on my new luxury non-toxic beauty wish list by tapping the photo below!

Thanks for reading loves and I hope this serves you well! As always, if you have any questions, comments or thangs you’d like to know, feel free to drop a line in the section down below!